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Marta Mrugala-Kramarczyk

Founder & Creative Director

Marta is a trained Interior Architect (MA) and Graphic Designer with over 15 years’ of professional experience both in Eastern Europe and UK.


Marta founded All Is Design Interior Design studio in 2015

AID is a full-service, from decoration to high-end Interior Architecture company located in London.

All Is Design recognizes the significance of the emotional bond we share with our living spaces and understand that a well-designed interior goes beyond the mere combination of its individual elements.

Our team dedicates the essential time to thoroughly comprehend each client, their distinct personalities, and individual lifestyles. Building relationships with clients is a central focus for the AID studio, as we are convinced that the success of any interior design project hinges on how the space enhances the clients' connection and interaction with their environment. This period is considered a crucial aspect of the interior design process. We deeply acknowledge the profound impact that our living spaces have on our emotional health.

Our perspective is informed by a respect for historical architecture coupled with an appreciation of the playfulness and brightness of modern design.

Marta's varied range of experiences, enthusiasm, and skills in design have enabled us to develop concepts that truly recognize and embody the intricate harmony required between enduring elegance and innovative design.

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