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Hays Mews

Living room - fire place

2022-11-01 17_07_56-DSC06528.jpg ‎- Photos.jpg

Living room - reading corner

2022-11-01 16_49_11-DSC06624-Edit.jpg ‎- Photos.jpg


This 125 sq m apartment located in a type of a Central London mansion in Green Park was designed in collaboration with a lead Architect and included detailed concept development that resulted from a very general design intent, and included high end specification and site supervision.

Part of the process was collaboration with other consultants, 
suppliers and sub-contractors directly on site.

Area: 125 sq m 
Status: Completed.
Client: Private.

References: Architect Anna Chaustow.
Architect: CELA Design Studio.
Interior Design: Anna Chaustow, Marta Mrugala-Kramarczyk.

Role: Interior Designer, Site Project Manager.
Duties: Concept of individual apartment elements/parts, Interior Design, Tender stage, Problem solving on site, engagement with suppliers, sub-contractors and trades.

HMGP - Drawing - Plans.JPG

Existing plan / Proposed plan

2022-11-01 17_03_54-DSC06532.jpg ‎- Photos.jpg

Living room - dinning table

2022-11-01 17_04_17-DSC06530.jpg ‎- Photos.jpg


2022-11-01 16_56_53-DSC06574.jpg ‎- Photos (2).jpg


Sketch - HMGP - Fireplace wall Drawing - scan01.jpg

Living - Sketch

HMGP - Entrance Drawing - scan02a.jpg

Entry / hallway - Sketch

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