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Design Assistance Service


A customized advisory service that eliminates the necessity for a comprehensive design, providing clients with individualized assistance that precisely caters to their specific requirements - assisting you to the point where you require it the most.


Design assistance service provides clients with a wide range of high-end interior needs, including requests for exclusive artworks, customized carpets, tailor-made cabinetry, and styling services. We recognize that our deep understanding of the industry and our expertise in luxury finishes, combined with our strong connections to the most skilled artisans and suppliers, enable us to deliver a truly personalized support service. Whether you are embarking on your own project and simply require expert guidance and assistance in achieving your desired aesthetic, our Design Assistance Service is at your disposal.


Design Assistance Services are charged hourly, allowing us to offer the most flexible approach possible.


AID oversees the acquisition and selection of materials, flooring, tiling, worktops, and other finishes and fittings for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.


From integrated cabinetry to standalone showcase pieces, AID will design, procure, manage, and install custom or specially designed carpentry and upholstery, as well as acquire all other furniture, decorative lighting, and soft furnishings.

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